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Enter the worlds of penguins, sea turtles, stingrays, and meerkats with AnimalVision, an online 24/7 HD window into the habitats at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. Check out different camera angles. Take and share pics. Download games. Make a closer connection to wildlife and the world we share.


What makes our penguins so popular? Tune in to our AnimalVision™ Penguin Cam – streaming live 24/7 – and see for yourself why these flightless comics are such fan favorites.

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Animal Vision: Penguins


Meerkats are social butterflies. They like one another’s company. Groups of families can be found living together as little southern Africa subdivisions. Lookouts watch for predators while others scout for food and take care of the young. These little guys burn a lot of calories, so they aren’t fussy eaters. Bugs, reptiles, birds, fruit – all on the menu. They even stand up when company comes over. Check out what’s going on in their neighborhood. Learn More.

Animal Vision: Meerkats

Animal Vision Stingray Cam

Need a little de-stress in your day? Tune in to our live, 24/7 AnimalVision™ Stingray Cam, where more than 200 peaceful rays will help turn any time into island time.

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Animal Vision: Stingrays

Animal Vision Turtle Cam

Tune in to our new AnimalVision™ 24/7 live Sea Turtle Cam and see animals whose ancestors have swam the world’s oceans for more than 200 million years, yet today are all endangered.

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Animal Vision: Turtles


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